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Bradenton SEO Services

It’s common for individuals to not understand that every single time they go to a new web site they are actually performing a download. There are many people who say they don’t download but rest assured that is not true. The biggest problem with this is that because it is a download you have to be extra careful about the content you load your website up with, and make sure that you employ website optimization techniques.

If you are too heavy on the graphics or have your graphics in the wrong format then they will take extra time to actually download. To fix this you need to make everything very small and very accessible, employing the best website optimization methods that you can. This way people will return to your site again and again.

The first thing that you need to do is cut down on image size, especially images that are going to be seen frequently. The larger an image is, the more bandwidth it will take to load it and while you can do this by cutting down on the mages themselves, and it’s a fair bet that no one wants to look at a text filled page all the time. In this case what you need to do is reduce the size of your images. Unfortunately we are past the days when the.gif extension was enough because people possess graphics cards that can display more than 256 collars. Your best option in this case is to use what is known as.png format. This format compresses the image but keeps the same quality making it perfect for web content.

Hosting video can really boost a site’s popularity but you should take care to make sure that you are not hosting the video directly on your main server because this will also cause bandwidth issues. Host the video either offsite, or have it streamed by a third party. By doing this you will tremendously reduce the strain on your site. The one catch to this is the fact that you need to constantly make sure that all of your linked or streaming videos are still working because you will have a lot of disappointed users if they are not.

If you are finding that you are receiving more traffic that you had thought then you should also go ahead and distribute your content out amongst various servers. In this you can be sure that content is streamed by the server that has the least load meaning that users will get their page up as quickly as possible.

If you want to offer physical downloads such as games or other types of media then these should also be allocated to different servers. The best part about doing this is the fact that you can have users sign up for paid accounts which will give them access to higher transfer speeds and exclusive content.

If you really feel its necessary you can use some SEO or what is known as keyword optimization. This is where you use words that are popular in search engine within your page or in the meta tags. By doing this you will ensure that those who search for those keywords on a search engine will see your website in the list, and as more people click on it, it will make it’s way upward in the rankings.

Setting up your own webpage is simple but making it the best webpage it can be is difficult. To make sure you get it right employ the services of a professional or just do some searching on the web to get more information. If you do everything right you’ll not have too many problems and you will always be able to achieve the best web site optimization.

Florida Search Local Specializes in Large and Small websites in need of Search Engine Optimization.  We use:

  • Google Places
  • Local Web 2.o sites
  • Bing Business Listings
We custom tailor a Search Engine Strategy built specifically for your business and website taking advantage of social media helping you rank locally.  Multiple listings are common and in some pages 30-60% of listings can be yours.


Bradenton SEO Services can provide website optimization and Search Engine Optimization services for less than our competitors. We provide complete Internet Marketing Services, Web design, Web 2.0 marketing and more.

With 10 years search engine marketing, paid search marketing and more we can prove with current online searches, that We Mean Business.  We can provide you with referrals and online proof of current ranking websites.

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